Jordan Tate, Sean Fader, Michael Mandiberg , Brent Birnbaum, Lily Cox-Richard, Matthew Craven, Nikolai Ishchuk, Adam Parker Smith, Ana Teles
Share This! Appropriation After Cynicism

12.14.2014 - 01.25.2015


Share This! Appropriation After Cynicism is an exhibition of artists who appropriate the work of other artists. Running from December 14 through January 25, it is a continuation of programming at Denny Gallery that explores alternative modes of exchange between artists, collectors, curators and exhibitors.

Having an ostensibly unique and innovative practice with strong visual branding has become increasingly important to artists. At the same time, it has become complicated due to high financial stakes in the art market, the increasing visibility of images of art on the internet, and the increasing number of artists graduating with fine arts degrees and competing for studio space, residencies, gallery representation and sales. Yet the modern era is seemingly founded on the very notion that ownership, authorship, and the application of artistic endeavors should be consistently questioned. What are the implications of stealing an idea, a technique, an image, or an artwork itself? Share This! ultimately becomes a show of questions about process, intention, value, and understanding what it means to be “original”. The imperative “Share This!” invites the viewers and the artists to collaborate and to encourage the dispersal of images of their work.

Work displayed will also include:
Liz Ainslie, Liz Atzberger, Joe Ballweg, Guy Ben-Ari, Andrea Bergart, Amanda Browder, Caroline Burghardt, Maureen Cavanaugh, Andy Cross, Joy Curtis, Ben Godward, Taskashi Horisaki, Roxanne Jackson, Irena Jurek, Dennis Kardon, Noah Klersfeld, Emily Noelle Lambert, JR Larson, Matthew Mahler, Caitlin Masley, Patrick Mohundro, Mike Olin, Jason Peters, Gary Petersen, Anna Plesset, Lauren Portada, Carolyn Salas, Kristen Shiele, Alfred Steiner, Kirk Stoller, Scott Teplin, George Terry, Stephen Truax, Aaron Williams, Brett Day Windham, Leah Wolff, Raphael Zollinger

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12.14.14 Opening Reception | 6-8pm |

Please join us for an opening reception for the artists on Sunday, December 14.


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