FAIR presented by NADA

May 20 - June 21, 2020

The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) is pleased to present FAIR, built in partnership with Artlogic. FAIR is a new art fair initiative designed to be entirely online, function cooperatively, and act as a benefit for NADA’s community of galleries, nonprofits and artists.

FAIR offers an alternative profit-sharing model, structured to facilitate mutual support within the art community and provide revenue to each of its participants during a time in which galleries have temporarily closed their physical locations. A percentage from each sale made from FAIR will directly benefit all participating galleries and artists. In addition, a percentage of each sale will go towards supporting NADA for their efforts in producing FAIR, their continued work as an organization for art galleries, through this time of crisis and beyond.

Each participating gallery will present a series of artworks over four-weeks with the opportunity to share new artworks each week, May 20 – June 21, 2020.

Denny Dimin Gallery is pleased to present new works by Amanda Valdez (week 1), Scott Anderson (week 2), Amir H. Fallah (week 3), and Andy Woll (week 4).

Amanda Valdez<br>ternary radiating, 2020<br>Embroidery and Oil Stick on Mounted Paper on Canvas<br>20 x 18 in/51 x 46 cm

Scott Anderson<br>Duck Bone in Leg, 2019<br>Oil, oil crayon, ink, and sawdust on canvas<br>42 x 35 in/107 x 89 cm

Amir H. Fallah<br>Ruin of the Soul, 2020<br>Mixed media on paper<br>13 x 16 5/8 in/33 x 42 cm

Andy Woll<br>Philip IV, 2020<br>Oil on linen<br>11 x 14 in//28 x 36 cm

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