Intersect Aspen

July 22 - 26, 2020

Virtual viewing room

First Look VIP Preview
July 22, 11 am (EST)

Public hours:
July 22 (starting 1:59 pm EST) –
July 26, 2020

Jessie Edelman
Emily Noelle Lambert
Matt Mignanelli
Andy Woll

Preview select works on Artsy

Jessie Edelman<br>Park, 2020<br>Oil on canvas<br>60 x 72 in/152 x 183 cm

Jessie Edelman<br>Lazy Read, 2020<br>Oil on canvas<br>60 x 72 in/152 x 183 cm

Andy Woll<br>Mt. Wilson (Santa Ana I), 2017<br>Oil on linen<br>54 x 38 in/137 x 95 cm

Andy Woll<br>Mt. Wilson (Fiery Brown I), 2019<br>Oil on linen<br>96 x 66 in/244 x 168 cm

Emily Noelle Lambert<br>Time Machine, 2016<br>Acrylic on canvas<br>80 x 73 in/203 x 185 cm

Emily Noelle Lambert<br>April, 2020<br>Acrylic and ink on paper<br>30 x 22.5 in/76 x 57 cm

Matt Mignanelli<br>Marigot, 2019<br>Enamel and acrylic on canvas<br>54 x 88 in/137 x 224 cm

Matt Mignanelli<br>Equilibrium, 2019<br>Enamel and acrylic on canvas<br>48 x 72 in/122 x 183 cm

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