UNTITLED. Miami Beach

December 5-10, 2017

Ocean Drive and 12th Street, Miami Beach, Florida


Artists Featured:
Jessie Edelman
Dana Sherwood

Tue, Dec 5 | 1-8 pm (VIP Preview)
Wed, Dec 6 – Sat, Dec 9 | 11 am – 7 pm
Sun, Dec 10 | 11 am – 5 pm

Booth: C34

Artsy, “10 Emerging Artists to Discover at Untitled, Miami Beach,” Dec 5

Denny Gallery is pleased to present new work by Jessie Edelman and Dana Sherwood at Untitled Miami Beach which explores the relationship between humankind and nature as a metaphor for contemporary visual consumption and current political issues.

Jessie Edelman’s paintings are examinations of the process of viewing, and often represent a figure viewing a painting within the painting. This figure heightens the experience of the painting as fiction and lends a dreamlike quality to the landscapes. The conceptual basis of this work is an interrogation of contemporary image consumption in an age of social media.

Dana Sherwood’s work explores contact between human and non-human animals in order to understand culture and behavior. Her work portrays ritualized feedings Sherwood performs for animals who live among or at the borders of human populations. Sherwood will present a new body of work, “The Confectionery Lives of Snails,” where she created hand blown glass cake displays and puts cakes and other organic material inside with snails. These organic sculptures will be consumed over the course of the fair by the living snails. We will also present new video and watercolors in her Feral Cakes series.

Alongside of each other, Edelman and Sherwood create a conversation about decadence and consumption in relationship to our natural resources. The work is politically engaged as we think about larger questions of the role human beings will have on Earth in an uncertain future. Their work also makes an important inquiry of the agency of the visual consumer and the responsibility of the artist in relationship to her subject, in this case the natural world.

Jessie Edelman received her MFA from Yale University and her BA from Skidmore College. She has had solo exhibitions at Denny Gallery, Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago and Robert Blumenthal Gallery in New York, was in a three-person exhibition at Dirimart in Istanbul and was in a two-person exhibition with David Humphrey at The Suburban in Milwaukee.  Her work has been featured in Brooklyn Magazine, Vogue, and Artnet News.

Dana Sherwood has exhibited in dOCUMENTA 13 and at Mass MoCA, Flux Factory, Socrates Sculpture Park, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, and Marianne Boesky Gallery, among others. Sherwood’s most recent solo exhibitions were at Kepler Art Conseil (Paris, 2017), Denny Gallery (2016) and Nagel-Draxler Reisbureau Galerie (Cologne, 2015). Her work has been featured in publications including The New York Times, Hyperallergic, The Huffington Post, Art F City, and the Miami Rail. She has exhibited extensively internationally, but this will be her first time exhibiting in one of the Miami art fairs.

For further information, contact Elizabeth Denny at 917-215-3723 or [email protected] or Robert Dimin at 917-445-7956 or [email protected].


<br>Installation view of Denny Gallery at Untitled, 2017

<br>Installation view of Denny Gallery at Untitled, 2017

<br>Installation view of Denny Gallery at Untitled, 2017

<br>Installation view of Denny Gallery at Untitled, 2017

Dana Sherwood<br>Installation view of "The Confectionery Lives of Snails" (in the rose garden), 2017

Dana Sherwood<br>Detail of "The Confectionery Lives of Snails" (in the rose garden)

Jessie Edelman<br>Outdoor shower, 2017<br>Oil on canvas<br>60 x 72 in/152.40 x 182.88 cm

Jessie Edelman<br>Terracotta, 2017<br>Oil on canvas<br>84 x 108 in/213.36 x 274.32 cm

Jessie Edelman<br>Marble, 2017<br>Oil on canvas<br>84 x 108 in/213.36 x 274.32 cm

Jessie Edelman<br>Reader, 2017<br>Oil on canvas<br>60 x 48 in/152 x 122 cm

Jessie Edelman<br>Mosaic, 2017<br>Oil on canvas<br>54 x 45 in/137 x 114 cm

Jessie Edelman<br>Island View, 2017<br>Oil on canvas<br>60 x 72 in/152.40 x 182.88 cm

Jessie Edelman<br>Oasis, 2017<br>Oil on canvas<br>22 x 27 in/55.88 x 68.58 cm

Dana Sherwood<br>The Blue Hour with Raccoons, 2017<br>Watercolor and gouache on paper<br>12 x 16 inches/ 30 x 41 cm

Dana Sherwood<br>Wildness Face to Face in the Palmettos, 2017<br>Watercolor and gouache on paper<br>10 x 14 inches/ 25 x 36 cm

Dana Sherwood<br>Possum with Spiral Jelly, 2017<br>Watercolor on paper<br>7 x 10 inches/ 18 x 25 cm

Dana Sherwood<br>Raccoon upon a Table, 2017<br>Watercolor and gouache on paper<br>7 x 10 inches/ 18 x 25 cm

Dana Sherwood<br>Feral Cakes, 2017<br>Digital Video<br>11:22 min

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