Andy Woll
A Green Horse

01.28.2023 - 03.11.2023



Andy Woll
A Green Horse


Denny Gallery is pleased to announce A Green Horse, a new body of work by LA based artist, Andy Woll, which will be on view at our gallery space in Hong Kong, from January 28 – March 11, 2023. This will be Andy Woll’s third exhibition with the gallery and his first exhibition in Hong Kong. 

The methodology of Woll’s painting practice has been meticulously honed through his specificity of subject matter, his selective and considered use of mark making and a notable focus on pigment and color palette which changes with each body of work. Woll’s sumptuous gestural style which verges on abstraction gives life to both the medium and subject where each minimal stroke is weighted with meaning to characterize both aspects. With this exhibition, Woll focuses his attention on the subject of horses, which has become a consistent thread since 2015.  During this time he has developed a more prominent relationship with these animals, working with them directly alongside his wife, a horse trainer and including them as a repeat  subject for his art practice. In his day-to-day interactions –  riding horses,  grooming them  and watching them in the paddock, he has come to develop a deep understanding of their form and musculature which informs his portraits of the animals and how to articulate them in concisely animated marks. They have become a symbol by which he can test out abstraction and technique using both the similarity in proportion yet difference in character as elements which lend themselves to line work and abstraction. Woll makes an analogy between the use of the brush when grooming the animals and using a similar articulation of movement when using a brush to depict them through paint.

The title A Green Horse alludes to two key aspects relating to the body of work. The first is its direct reference to George Stubbs’ painting A Grey Horse, 1793 which depicts a horse mid-canter. The active form of the horse as well as the composition where it is placed freely in the middle of the picture plane are key points of influence. The central placement of the animals emphasize their importance and reminds us of the traditional role of the horse in Stubb’s paintings,  which was to champion these prized possessions as a signifier of wealth and status in a certain strata of society. 

A Green Horse also refers to the particular paint pigment used by Woll, Green Earth. This oil paint pigment has origins in Classical antiquity and became commonly used in the Renaissance for underpainting. The green hues give Woll’s horses an otherworldly, ethereal quality highlighting the mystical traits of these animals which have become such intrinsic counter parts to humans in sport, civil life and therapy. 

The horse as a figure has come to represent so much as an archetype in philosophy and ancient mythology, coming to embody a symbolic representation of creativity and power we hold within us. Woll taps into these elements of horses while never losing sight of their purpose in his painting: providing an important foil for his own investigations into the medium itself.


丹尼香港畫廊欣然呈獻洛杉磯藝術家Andy Woll的全新作品展覽《綠馬》(A Green Horse),展覽將於 2023 年 1 月 28 日至 3 月 11 日在香港的畫廊空間展出。這將是安迪沃爾與丹尼畫廊的第三次合作展覽,也是他在香港的首次展覽。

Woll的繪畫方法論是通過自身對主題的特殊性,對痕跡創作嚴格篩選且深思熟慮的使用,以及對會隨著每件作品而變化的顏料和調色板的顯著關注而得以實踐。Woll豐盈且近乎抽象的手法應用和風格為媒介和主題賦予了生命,每一個最小的筆劃都承載意義並勾勒出其媒介和主題的特色。在這次展覽中,Woll關注在「馬」,這個自 2015 年以來一直是Woll持續創作的主題。在創作期間,他與這些動物建立了更深的關係,沃爾與他的馴馬師妻子一起與牠們工作,並將牠們作為他藝術實踐的主題。在他的日常互動中——騎馬、給牠們梳理毛髮並在圍場中觀察它們,他已經對牠們的形狀和肌理有著深刻的理解,這為他的動物肖像以及如何用簡潔的圖象標記提供了創作靈感。它們已成為一個符號,通過它,他可以使用比例上的相似性和特徵上的差異作為適合線條工作和抽象的元素,來測試抽象和技術。同時,Woll在給動物梳理毛髮時使用梳子,與使用畫筆用油漆描繪它們時類似的運動之間進行了類比。

主題《綠馬》暗示了與作品主體相關的兩個關鍵方面。第一個是它直接參考了 George Stubbs 1793 年的畫作《灰馬》(A Grey Horse),該畫描繪了一匹正在慢跑的馬。 馬的活躍形式以及它自由放置在畫面中間的構圖是關鍵的啟發點。動物的中心位置強調了它們的重要性,並讓我們想起了馬在Stubbs畫作中的傳統角色——去擁護這些珍貴的財產以作為社會某個階層財富和地位的象徵。

綠馬也指Woll在《Green Earth》中使用的特殊油漆顏料。這種油畫顏料起源於古典時期,是文藝復興時期普遍用於底漆的顏料。綠色調賦予沃爾的馬一種超凡脫俗、空靈的特質,並突出了這些動物的神秘特徵,這些動物在運動、公民生活和治療方面已成為人類內在的對應物。馬的形象代表性之廣泛,已成為哲學和古代神話中的原型,也成為我們內在創造力和力量的象徵。Woll利用馬的這個形象元素,同時從不忽視牠們在他作品中的目的:為自己研究繪畫媒體本身提供重要的陪襯。



01.28.23 Opening Reception | 4-6 pm |

Denny Gallery, Hong Kong

January 28, 2023 Artists, Events, Press

Andy Woll: A Green Horse in Culture Plus

Exhibition A Green Horse, a new body of work by LA based artist, Andy Woll, will be on view at Denny Gallery in Hong Kong, from January 28 – March 11, 2023.

January 28, 2023 Artists, Events, Press

Andy Woll: A Green Horse in Nest Property

A Green Horse, is a new body of work by LA based artist, Andy Woll. The title A Green Horse alludes to two key aspects relating to the body of work.


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