Dana Sherwood
Nuit Blanche

Toronto Art Festival
10.04.2014 - 10.05.2014


Commissioned for Nuit Blanche in Toronto, and presented within a small, walled-in garden, ‘The Melodious Malfeasance Meat-Grinding Machine’ was a multi-sensory experience including a live sausage-making performance, live music and stories and a large, live-stream projection detailing the action inside the wagon.

“Here, curator Denise Markonish, from the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, uses circus as a loose metaphor for various spectacles of the night that range from the fanciful to the political to the captivatingly gruesome. For the latter, see Dana Sherwood’s travelling sausage factory, The Melodious Malfeasance Meat-Grinding Machine, which is more or less as it sounds. The New York artist, positioned in a gypsy caravan filled with butchery tools and hanging cured meats, sets about transforming her wares into tube-shaped edibles. No word if she’s sharing with the audience, but it seems a likely bet.”

– Murray Whyte, Reported in The Star

Nuit Blanche, Toronto
Annual Overnight Art Festival

In 2014, under the direction of four curators, 41 temporary public art projects by local, national and international artists were commissioned.



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