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Amir H. Fallah: Better a Cruel Truth Than a Comfortable Delusion reviewed in The Art Newspaper

Three exhibitions to see in New York this weekend

From Albers and Morandi at David Zwirner to Amir H. Fallah at Denny Dimin

Gabriella Angeleti and Wallace Ludel

22nd January 2021

Our editors and writers scour the city each week for the most thoughtful, relevant and exciting new exhibitions and artworks on view at galleries, museums and public venues across all five boroughs of New York. This week we recommend:

Amir H. Fallah, Absolute Power Corrupts (2020)

Amir H. Fallah: Better a Cruel Truth Than a Comfortable Delusion
Until 20 February at Denny Dimin Gallery, 39 Lispenard Street, Manhattan

As the conversation around xenophobia and racism reached a fever pitch in the US last year, the Iranian-American artist Amir H. Fallah produced a series of striking large-scale paintings that reflect on his experience of being what he calls a “hyphenated American”. The Los Angeles-based artist, who came to the US as a child in the wake of the Iranian revolution, says the works explore value systems and his cultural identity and were inspired by images and moral teachings in the children’s books he reads to his son at bedtime. The centrepiece of the exhibition, a painting from which the show draws its title, contains “a reference to a symbol that entered into my life just a few blocks away from the Capitol building—a bittersweet coincidence”, the artist says. “What is going to happen to America? I’ve never been more depressed about the future of my home.”

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