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Dana Sherwood Named 10 Emerging Artists to Discover at Untitled, Miami Beach

10 Emerging Artists to Discover at Untitled, Miami Beach

By Scott Indrisek
Dec 5, 2017

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Untitled returned for its sixth edition in Miami on Tuesday, its stylish tent set up mere feet from the waves crashing onto South Beach. The fair continues to hone its status as a go-to stop for savvy collectors, especially those whose budget might max out at $10,000. Artsy hit the booths on preview day to scout the works that you’ll want to keep your eye on.

Dana Sherwood

B. 1977, New York. Lives and works in New York City.
On view at Untitled: Denny Gallery, Booth C34

“Our whole booth is about decadence,” explains Robert Dimin, who has paired sculpture and video by Sherwood with idyllic paintings from Jessie Edelman. (Not that this is a straightforward celebration of excess, he notes; in the age of Trump, there’s always a bit of rot beneath the shiny facade.) There’s a trio of glass cases that house unconventional terrariums: cake, vegetables, and moss arranged in a sort of tower, with live snails nibbling around the structure. “There’ll be a little bit of decomposition, a little bit of eating” during the run of the fair, Dimin says. Would-be collectors don’t walk home with this wilted, snail-nibbled concoction, mind you. A $6,000 acquisition nets a handsomely drawn diagram of the finished product; on the back, there’s a recipe for how to prepare and assemble the whole thing. (You also get the glass dome, and some starter snails.) “It’s for experienced collectors,” Dimin says. The gallery is also showing a series of winsome videos, for which Sherwood researched the culinary tastes of various wild animals in places from Florida to Brazil, and then left a sweet spread of grub in their natural habitat. Night-vision cameras capture the resulting meals. (Spoiler alert: Raccoons have terrible table manners.)

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