10.03.17 Gallery Meets World

Denny Gallery Launches Gallery Meets World Series with Katharine Earnhardt of Mason Lane Art Advisory Services

Denny Gallery is launching a new weekly series featuring some of our creative clients and partners. Find out what they do and why they collect. We will feature them on the News page of our website and in a few social media posts throughout the week. They will also curate a selection of their favorite artworks available in Shop Denny Gallery.

You can follow these stories at #gallerymeetsworld

No. 1: Katharine Earnhardt of Mason Lane Art Advisory Services

Katharine Earnhardt brings huge energy and passion to her work with the gallery. She started her own business, Mason Lane Art Advisory Services, in 2015. She has been rocking and rolling ever since, juggling a growing business with raising her young family. Her personal collection includes Amanda Valdez and Russell Tyler. She has also acquired works by Justine Hill, Emily Noelle Lambert, Erin O’Keefe, Joseph Minek, Rebekah Goldstein, and John Dante Bianchi for her clients.

“We’re a Brooklyn-based art advisory making walls nationwide a bit more awesome. We come to clients and interior designers with art recommendations, crafty finds, and creative solutions that finish the space. We love Denny Gallery because the team there does relentless research on emerging talent, making incredible new artist works available at an accessible price point.” – Katharine Earnhardt

You can follow Katharine and her team at @masonlane_art and at #wallstyled

Visit Katharine’s Picks in Shop Denny Gallery.

Emily Noelle Lambert


Erin O’Keefe


John Dante Bianchi


Amanda Valdez


Amanda Valdez


Lauren Seiden


Rebekah Goldstein


Russell Tyler


Katharine Earnhardt and her children.

(Photo credit: Amelie Belanger, Courtesy: Mason Lane Art.)​

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