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Elizabeth Denny Asked for Gallery Advice by Of a KIND

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November 18, 2014

6 NYC Art Galleries Wannabe Collectors Have to Know About

By Erica 11/18/2014


Elizabeth’s fly, LES gallery—more on her here!

If you’re on this site, then you know a thing or two about finding the coolest up-and-coming designers. But how about artists? Where do you go to get in-the-know on that front? We asked the plugged-in, super-approachable gallerist Elizabeth Denny to help make it easier on us, and she boiled it down to this: “See a lot. Walking around to galleries, asking questions, and not feeling alienated by the people working there is key.” Below, intel on exactly where to head, who to talk to, and the artists you should be looking out for.

The Lowdown

“While you’re visiting Denny Gallery in the Lower East Side gallery district, don’t miss Simon Preston Gallery and Louis B. James. Uptown you can find one of the most interesting galleries for what’s trending in photography, Higher Pictures. If you find yourself in East Hampton, visit Halsey McKay Gallery. If you’re serious about spotting talented artists before they are well-known, you will have to venture to Bushwick, Brooklyn, the art-making capital of the world at the moment. A visit to SIGNAL will get you on the right track.”

The Details


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Denny Gallery

Ask for: Owner-director Elizabeth Denny.

Artists to Watch: All of them! Nadja Frank (pictured) is currently on-view, and the next solo show is Liz Nielsen.

(261 Broome St.)

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