Erin O’Keefe Featured in the Wing’s Feminist Salon Program in NYC

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With its rose-hued walls and girl-power programming, the Wing has become something of a legend in its own time. Since the club first opened in Manhattan’s Flatiron District in 2016, it has been regularly revered, occasionally mocked (all that pink!), and even investigated by a human rights group for its women-only policy. But the Wing, which now counts four locations in New York City and Washington, D.C., and is preparing to open two more outposts in California—both of which are decidedly less pink—later this year, is no doubt a net positive for professional women seeking a stimulating environment in which to work, network, learn, and socialize. And now, the formidable club is adding “cutting-edge gallery” to its laundry list of enriching services.

Independent curator Lolita Cros has been tapped by the Wing cofounders Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan to provide yet another amenity for its members to enjoy: the option to explore—and buy—art by established and emerging artists right off the club’s walls. The concept is twofold, providing a platform for underrepresented and emerging female artists, and exposing members to new and inspiring works that might just end up on their own walls at home. Muse recently spoke with Cros to chat about the program—and learn about her top female artists to watch.

Erin O’Keefe is an artist I discovered on Instagram (courtesy of Glossier), and after scheduling a studio visit with her, I realized that her work has so many layers and depth. I decided to hang her work next to Rhea Karam’s because, even if their process and their goals are different, they have similar inspirations and are inspired by the geometric shapes that surround us. I met Rhea through another artist in the space, Yasmine Diaz, who had made a portrait of her, which is also in the space. Fun fact: Rhea and Erin’s studios are in the same building, and after the install they connected!


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