12.04.20 Events

Jeremy Couillard in Miami

Jeremy Couillard is presenting a new video “Voluntary Associations” with the Daata Fair in Miami. The Daata Fair Miami is an online-only art fair dedicated to showcasing the best of international contemporary video and digital art from leading art galleries around the world.

Daata Fair Miami: December 1-13, 2020.
Visit the Fair.

“Voluntary Associations” is also now on view in The Bass Museum’s satellite IG gallery @thebasssquared.

“Voluntary Associations” will also be presented as a screening program at the New World Symphony’s Soundscape Park in Miami Beach, Friday, Dec. 4th, Saturday Dec. 5th and Sunday Dec 6th, at 8-10pm each night.


Featured in W Magazine.

Voluntary Associations (2020). HD Video, MP4, 00:03:50, Edition of 8.

Video by Jeremy Couillard
Music by Chris Parrello
Commissioned by Daata and The Bass

“Voluntary Associations” is an anarchist fantasy animation in a video game aesthetic. Workers leave their factory to join a psychedelic concert put on by three giant heads who are blowing up instruments of oppression while everyone cheers them on. Eventually, all the factories collapse and a giant monster twerks above the stage while UFOs plant a forest on top of the crowd. The video ends with the monster lounging in the newly planted forest. Artifacts from the previous society are strewn about, only used as kitchy decoration. I’m fantasizing that a crisis could be used not as a way to exploit peoples’ disorientation to further empower a small elite, but rather as a moment to imagine a new future where we can eliminate so much of the bullshit we’ve been coerced into upholding.

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