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Jessie Edelman at UNTITLED SF in Naver Design

UNTITLED ART. As the name suggests, the fair has emerged to reject a typical art fair and offer a new alternative to the art market. Is there not only a few successful galleries and star artists in the global market? Untitled Art is motivated by the opportunity to provide equal opportunities to artworks that resist them. Providing priority participation opportunities to nonprofit art institutions and galleries operated by artists. Thanks to that, you can see works like pearls in the soil suggested by new galleries.

Among them, if you take a pair of feet, you have the characteristic to touch the skin first. It is a lively atmosphere with galleries and audiences participating in the fair. Any pair of fairy tales, like a gallery curator dressed like a red carpet, will be burdened with the burden of having to look around, but this pair is different. Once the place is different. The organizers take a lot of efforts to leave the art fair in frame and select unique buildings as the stage. Last year, for instance, San Francisco Untitled Art was held at the classic Palace of Fine Arts building in the Beaux-Arts style, and this year it was set at Pier 35, a giant warehouse-like cruise terminal in San Francisco bay. The  audience responds to the unique atmosphere of the place and becomes more intimate with that consensus.

Before introducing this year’s event, it is necessary to briefly review the background of this fair. Untitled Art began in Miami Beach in 2012 and expanded its reach to San Francisco in 2017. Twice a year, in January San Francisco, and in December in Miami Beach. There were a lot of galleries that came out with artists’ works in San Francisco Untitled Art from January 18 to 20 this year. Is it because human interaction was actively active? This time the work is also a work, but I was curious about the stories of the galleries that brought it out. These are also people who have come here with a passion for art. I hope to be able to convey the vigor of the venue and introduce the galleries and artists I met there.

Talk with New York Denny Dimin Gallery

Q I would like to introduce you to the Denny Dimin Gallery. What if  there is a writer who is especially focused?

We are a contemporary art gallery in New York. Focus on the early career artists and guide them to the next level. The next step in the career here is the stage in which their work is collected and displayed on the art institution. Our gallery prefers artists’ works based on their understanding of art history as well as contemporary issues and technology.

Q Is it your first engagement in Untitled Art? What do you personally like about this fair?

This is our third time participating in Untitled San Francisco. The audience has an open mind to learn about intellectual and contemporary art, so we participate happily every time.

Q Who is Jessie Edelman?

Jessie Edelman (b. 1986) graduated from Yale with a master’s degree in painting and is currently working in New York. Though her work draws on art historical issues and compositions–as well as the color palettes of expressionist and post-impressionist painters–her paintings subvert the field of vision, positioning the viewer as a voyeur into deliberately nostalgic and archetypical scenes.

Q Do you have any favorite episode to share so far at the fair?

Jessie Edelman gave an artist talk about her work on the opening night and so many people were there to listen that our large booth was full and spilling out into the aisle. Plus she was brilliant!

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