Jordan Tate Exhibiting at Cincinnati’s New Summit Hotel

Read on Alternate Projects.

Alternate Projects is pleased to present Beyond Things, an exhibition sponsored by Cincinnati’s new Summit Hotel and organized by Alternate Projects. Beyond Things features the work of seven artists based in the Cincinnati region and a Cincinnati-based collaborative. The pieces– extractions, commentaries, juxtapositions, collages– are an enmeshing of the material and cultural. All transcend the apparent and in so doing present new ways of seeing and experiencing the things that define our world.

The tension between art object and art documentation– what is real and what is artifice is brought to light in Jordan Tate’s photographs of what appear to be pristine exhibitions and exhibition spaces. In actuality, these photographs are created solely in digital space and the viewer is left to wonder whether these are photographs of an exhibition of Tate’s work or just photographs of (possibly illusionary) exhibition spaces. Justine Ludwig states in her essay, This thread is leaking from the heavens, that “…The project poses the question, which is more important—the product or the documentation? He [Tate] also validates the prevalence of imagined space. These images are constructed digitally, allowing for meticulous staging—ranging from atypically shaped frames to ambitious sculptural forms. Tate takes advantage of easily consumable imagery such as art historical reference and meme culture. Memes are any piece of media that is spread through the Internet through mimicry…”

Exhibiting June 8 through September 30, 2018 at the Summit Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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