05.20.23 Art Fairs,Press

Katie Alice Fitz Gerald, partner of Denny Gallery featured in Korean art publication “Wolganmisool”

Hong Kong Odyssey

Asian Art Marketʼs Growth and Expansion

Hong Kong has continued to prove itself as a hub for the arts in all of Asia, and is strengthening its relationships with foreign galleries like ours that have spaces in the US. Although there are many growing fairs in Asia, Art Basel is still a globally recognized brand and a world-class event in the art market.
Collectors in Hong Kong support world-class artists and the global art market, while paying steady attention to local artists. However, when Denny Gallery opened in Hong Kong in 2019, local small and medium-sized galleries were lacking compared to the activities of collectors. In order to maintain a healthy art market, the art ecosystem must support galleries and artists while maintaining the collector’s role. Denny Gallery is currently carrying out meaningful activities to realize these values in the Wong Chuk Hang area.

Corona created a difficult environment in Hong Kong, but it created a good opportunity that forced the city to nurture its own art scene. It will take time for the Hong Kong art market to emerge from the shadow of recent events, but I am confident that the genuine enthusiasm demonstrated at the Art Basel Hong Kong site will help Hong Kong recover. Most of all, these days, when the global visibility of Asian artists is much higher than before, I believe that a good opportunity has been created in the Asian art market beyond Hong Kong.




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