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Michael Mandiberg Named As Glasgow International 2020 Edition Participant

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Ana Mazzei, Body Wall, Paluca, 2018. Photo: Gui Gomes.

Glasgow International, Scotland’s biennial festival for contemporary art, has announced the details of its upcoming program, which will take place from April 24 to May 10, 2020. More than one hundred artists—including Kader Attia, Yuko Mohri, and Eva Rothschild—will participate in the approximately sixty exhibitions and other events that will be staged in various venues across the city.

“The theme for 2020 is ‘attention’ and this idea of how we pay attention to something or how we attend to ourselves and each other is something we’ve sought to consider both in our approach to curating the festival, and also how we have remodeled the Across the City open program, so that every selected freelance project is now funded,” festival director Richard Parry said.

The overhaul of Across the City, a series of projects staged by freelance practitioners and artist-run spaces in Glasgow, was made possible with backing from the Scottish government’s EXPO Fund. This year marks the first time the festival received funding from the initiative. With an almost $125,000 budget boost, all of the participants in this part of the program will be given between $1,800 and $6,200. In addition, a prize of $12,400 was awarded to an exhibition curated by the collective Chapter 13. Exhibitions at Transmission and the nonprofit Many Studios also received awards

For Glasgow International’s director’s program, festivalgoers will be able to see large-scale commissions and exhibitions by artists such as Duncan Campbell, Ana Mazzei, and Martine Syms; film commissions by Georgina Starr and Sarah Forrest; and performances by Iman Tajik. Other highlights include a survey exhibition of the work of painter Carol Rhodes, who died in December 2018, a new installation by Glasgow-based artist France-Lise McGurn, a presentation by the festival’s youngest participant Jenkin van Zyl, and the first European exhibition of Canadian artist Nep Sidhu.

The list of participating artists is as follows:

Director’s Program

Duncan Campbell
Sarah Forrest
Bodys Isek Kingelez
Ana Mazzei
France-Lise McGurn
Yuko Mohri
Carol Rhodes
Nep Sidhu
Georgina Starr
Martine Syms
Jenkin van Zyl

Across the City

Soufiane Ababri
Thomas Abercromby
Furmaan Ahmed
Camae Ajewa
Kadar Attia
Ana Beatriz Almeida
Andrew Black
Catalina Borroso-Luque
Neil Bromwich
Graham Burnett
Ratty Byebye
Pete Caul
Rabiya Choudhry
Adam Christensen
Sorcha Clelland
Annie Crabtree
Kate Davis
Alistair Dearie
Ndidi Dike
Jacqueline Donachie
Minty Donald
Aideen Doran
Beth Dynowski
Graham Fagen
Liv Fontaine
Luke Fowler
Hikaru Fujii
Lotte Gertz
Nic Green
Ilana Halperin
Charlie Hammond
Ashanti Harris
Sharon Hayes
Garnet Hertz
Adrien H. Howard
Kameelah Janan Rasheed
William Joyce
Paul Kindersley
Hyphen Labs
Stewart Laing
Zephyr Liddell
Flint MacDonald
Sekai Machache
Lorna Macintyre
Sulaïman Majali
Benaissa Majeri
Michael Mandiberg
Nils McDiarmid
Neil McGuire
Francis McKee
Emmie McLuskey
Dawn Mellor
Nick Millar
Dylan Moore
Elizabeth Murphy
Ima-Abasi Okon
Awuor Onyango
Mathew Parkin
Pester and Rossi
Rasheedah Phillips
Ingrid Pollard
Rasheedah Phillips
susan pui san lok
Thulani Racia
Jimmy Robert
Donald Rodney
Eva Rothschild
Nastja Sade Ronkko
SAGG Napoli
Margaret Salmon
Aman Sandhu
Seher Shah
David Sherry
Paul Shofolahan
Katerina Sidorova
Erika Silverman
Andrew Sim
Davinder Singh
Rae-Yen Song
Susannah Stark
Raymond Strachan
Iman Tajik
Leslie Thompson
Hayley Tompkins
Leontios Toumpouris
Urara Tsuchiya
Jeanne Tullen
Nora Turato
Daniella ValzGen
Addie Wagenknecht
Zoe Walker
Dan Walwin
Alan Warburton
Katie Watchorn
Robin Wise
Wassili Widmer
Sgaire Wood
Debbie Young

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