August 24, 2016 Press

Review of Brent Birnbaum exhibition by Jongho Lee for Eyes Towards the Dove

“Voyeur Voyager Forager Forester at Denny Gallery” by Jongho Lee on August 24, 2016 Read on Eyes Towards the Dove In Brent Birnbaum’s first solo exhibit with Denny Gallery “Voyeur Voyager Forager Forester,” he carves out a new world for audiences to explore through the use of 45 pre-owned mini-fridges (specifically ones with faux wood-panel doors). Birnbaum stacks these objects into 16 different totems, each at a height ranging between two to five of them. The grains on the doors, combined with…Read More

August 23, 2016 Press

Review of Brent Birnbaum exhibition by Claire Voon for Hyperallergic

“Retro Refrigerators as Totems to Our Food Storage Habits” by Claire Voon on August 22, 2016 Read on Hyperallergic I’d expected the exhibition of 45, wood-paneled mini-fridges at the Lower East Side’s Denny Gallery to offer a literally cool breather from this sweltering summer, but none of them were running. The gallery has opted to leave them off for the obvious environmental reasons, but it does, however, offer visitors an uncommon gesture: an invitation to touch the art — to open each fridge and…Read More

August 20, 2016 Outside Exhibitions

Amanda Valdez at Mead Art Museum Amherst College opens September 8

Mead Art Museum Amherst College announces Rotherwas Project 1: Amanda Valdez, Ladies’ Night. On View September 8, 2016–January 2, 2017 Download exhibition brochure This fall, the historic Rotherwas Room meets contemporary art as the Mead inaugurates its biannual exhibition series, the Rotherwas Project. In “Rotherwas Project 1,” the works of Seattle-born artist Amanda Valdez bring a new palette and iconography to the historic oak-paneled room. Influenced by feminism, quilt design, and non-Western as well as Western art, Ms. Valdez combines paint,…Read More

August 09, 2016 Press

Artnet includes “Present Futures” in “7 Must-See Art Events… in New York This Week”

Editors’ Picks: 7 Must-See Art Events to See in New York This Week From new documentaries to concerts for dogs, we’ve got you covered. Daniela Rios, August 8, 2016 Read on Artnet 5. “Present Futures: Strategies Toward Emancipation (Part One)” at Denny Gallery This group show, curated by Lynnette Miranda, is part of Denny Gallery’s “summer popup location” on East Broadway. In what is left of Chinatown, which is increasingly being invaded by new galleries (including this one), you can…Read More

August 09, 2016 Press

Caris Reid in Art Zealous

Meet Collage Darling, Caris Reid August 3, 2016 by Caitlin Confort Read on Art Zealous. Every month, Caris Reid hosts a whimsical evening of collaging to imaginative New Yorkers who like to play with scraps, sheets, and scissors. At Maha Rose, Caris opens up her coveted archive of vintage images to her students allowing them to explore the artistic theme of the evening. People really responded to the class, and four years later, Caris has hosted hundreds of workshops in…Read More

July 26, 2016 Press

Wendy White featured in the New York Times: What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week

Wendy White makes ample reference to both — and particularly 1980s surf and skate culture — in her show “Santa Cruz.”

July 13, 2016 Press

Artsy features Brent Birnbaum

Why an Artist Filled a Lower East Side Gallery with Mini-Fridges By Casey Lesser Jul 13, 2016 Read on Artsy On the first day of summer, Brent Birnbaum’s small, cubicle-like studio at the Brooklyn Army Terminal is stuffed nearly to the ceiling with 45 used mini-fridges. They’re of the faux-woodgrain variety that you might find in a ’90s-era man cave, or packed with Bud Light in a college dorm room, but they’re destined for a Lower East Side gallery. Piled…Read More

July 12, 2016 Press

T The New York Times Style Magazine features Brent Birnbaum

“Tiny, Artistic Worlds – Inside Mini-Fridges” by Alexandria Symonds. July 11, 2016 Peek inside the fridges and read on T The New York Times Style Magazine “Getting a car opened up my art practice,” admits the artist Brent Birnbaum, who’s based in Brooklyn but traveled as far afield as Staten Island, Connecticut and New Jersey to acquire the materials that form the basis of his new show: 45 pre-owned mini-fridges. Birnbaum spent four and a half years driving around to…Read More

July 08, 2016 Press

Review of “The City & The City” by Emily Colucci for Art F City

“A Door-Shattering Breakthrough at Denny Gallery’s Pop-Up ‘The City & The City’” by Emily Colucci, July 8, 2016 Read on Art F City Nothing underscores the fraught tensions of gentrification quite like the deafening sound of a large glass door shattering behind you. Moments after I entered Denny Gallery’s East Broadway pop-up space this Wednesday, the gallery’s door splintered with a bang and a startling crack. Fragmenting into a wall of tiny shards, the broken door trapped the gallerists and…Read More

July 05, 2016 Press

Artnet includes Brent Birnbaum in “Top 10 Shows on the LES and Surrounding Neighborhoods This Summer”

Top 10 Shows on the LES and Surrounding Neighborhoods This Summer It’s all happening downtown. By Henri Neuendorf, July 4, 2016 Read on Arnet News Already the site of New York’s emerging and experimental art scene, Manhattan’s Lower East Side and its surrounding neighborhoods the fun and discovery is multiplied in the summer when the galleries present oddball and left-field works including live plants, obsolete refrigerators, and copper heating circuits. Here artnet News compiled some of the most interesting and unusual shows that you…Read More

July 05, 2016 Press

Artnet includes The City & The City in “9 Must-See Summer 2016 Group Gallery Shows”

9 Must-See Summer 2016 Group Shows School is out and group shows are in. By Eileen Kinsella, June 30, 2016 Read on Artnet News It’s that time of year when the art world lapses into a lower gear and galleries tone down the intensity by embracing less intense summer schedules. Another rite of passage we always look forward to? The more laid back gallery group shows, particularly the ones with inspiring titles that reflect some humor, creative flair, or downright wackyness. Here are…Read More

June 16, 2016 Artists, Press

What to See in New YorkArt Galleries This Week

Judy Ledgerwood Reviewed n New York Times

June 03, 2016 Press

Artsy includes Justine Hill in “15 New York Gallery Shows Where You’ll Find Exciting Young Artists This June”

Read on on Artsy “15 New York Gallery Shows Where You’ll Find Exciting Young Artists This June” Artsy Editorial by Casey Lesser, June 2, 2016 The young Brooklyn-based artist presents a new group of paintings made from sheets of plywood that she cuts into organic shapes and covers in canvas, from an ongoing series she’s dubbed “cut outs.” Hill’s approach to painting—layering lines, shapes, and swathes of color—is informed by traditions of collage as well as digital artmaking tools. Her works,…Read More

May 18, 2016 Press

Justine Hill in New York Magazine

Justine Hill’s Stella-esque works — animated, irregularly shaped canvases of sidewalk-chalk-colored shapes — actually comprise several panels carefully puzzled together. They’re human-scale works you can live with, given the perfect stage at this intimate gallery.

May 15, 2016 Artists, Events, Press

Sexual Abstraction: Judy Ledgerwood’s Recent Paintings

In Judy Ledgerwood’s paintings the viewer encounters elements of humor, instances of surprise, celebrations of female sexuality, forms of vulgar tactility, and intense and unpredictable combinations of color. 

May 14, 2016 Press

Scott Anderson Reviewed in Artforum

Defined by irresolution and incongruous segmentations, where extensive layering repeatedly frames preserves of comparatively bare canvas, each work is made from both the raw and the overdone. In any one painting, a section freezes while another one melts.

Read on Artforum.

May 14, 2016 Press

Justine Hill interviewed on Two Coats of Paint

Read on Two Coats of Paint. Interview: Justine Hill in Bushwick By: Sharon Butler, May 13, 2016 I first saw Justine Hill’s paintings in “Metamodern,” a 2015 group show at Denny Gallery that explored the contemporary fusion of Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, and Primitivism. Her shaped canvases seem to jump off the wall with their unexpected amalgamation of Modern abstraction, postmodern humor, and the uninhibited brio of old-school graffiti taggers. In a recent studio visit, Hill shared work that she’s making for her forthcoming…Read More

May 10, 2016 Press

Michael Mandiberg’s FDIC Insured Featured in The Art Newspaper

For six and a half years, from the height of the recession in 2009, the New York-based artist Michael Mandiberg woke up every Saturday, turned on his computer and discovered which US banks had failed that week.

April 30, 2016 Press

Lauren Seiden reviewed in Artforum

Read in Artforum. By Tina Rivers Ryan, printed in the May 2016 issue.  

April 28, 2016 Press

Erin O’Keefe interviewed by Artspace

I make work as a way of asking questions about how we see, and particularly how we perceive space. My background in architecture is essential to this, and makes those questions feel both more urgent and more pervasive. I remember in kindergarten, being asked what I wanted to be, and answering “artist.”

Read on Artspace.

April 27, 2016 Press

Future Retrieval in Sculpture Magazine

Read in Sculpture Magazine. By Kate Bonansinga, printed in the March 2016 issue.

April 23, 2016 Press

Erin O’Keefe at Wave Hill reviewed in Musée Magazine

Read on Musee Magazine. April 23, 2016 (NOT SO) STILL LIFE AT WAVE HILL (Not So) Still Life presents novel ways that contemporary artists are transforming the still life genre to engage with current culture. As a subject, the still life gained popularity in the Early Renaissance as an alternative to landscape, portraiture or religious subjects. Compositions of natural and inanimate objects were often presented with allegorical connotations. Today, artists are creating new variations by working in photography and sculpture…Read More

April 19, 2016 Press

Amanda Valdez and Caris Reid in Forbes Magazine

Read on The creative synergy between collaborative artists Caris Reid and Amanda Valdez is immediately apparent. In conversation, they build easily off each other’s assertions about their work, generous in their praise of one another. Even their appearances are complementary: when I met with them the afternoon before their opening at Denny Gallery in New York’s Lower East Side, Valdez wore a navy wrap dress that complemented her curly brown hair, while Reid wore a more fitted black dress…Read More

April 14, 2016 Press

Scott Anderson Reviewed in the Los Angeles Times

Scott Anderson’s eight new paintings in “Supper Club” at CES Gallery are not particularly attractive. Ugly colors, cluttered compositions and ham-fisted paint-handling make for works in which rudimentary images burble up from unsettled backgrounds awhirl with undigested restlessness.

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