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Scott Anderson 5 Artists on Artsy’s Radar

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5 Artists on Our Radar This April

Apr 22, 2020

“Artists on Our Radar” is a monthly series produced collaboratively by Artsy’s editorial and curatorial teams. Utilizing our editors’ art expertise and our curatorial team’s unique insights and access to Artsy data, each month, we highlight five artists who have our attention. To make our selections, we’ve determined which artists made an impact this past month, whether through online exhibitions, art fairs, viewing rooms, or sale inquiries through Artsy.

Scott Anderson

B. 1973, Urbana, Illinois. Lives and works in La Cienaga, New Mexico.

Scott Anderson, Theory and Law, 2020

Scott Anderson’s new “Biotech” paintings were due to be featured in a solo show at New York’s Denny Dimin Gallery opening on May 8th. And with their explosive shocks of color, dreamlike imagery, and references to technology, memory, and artmaking, the works would have likely made a splash. While the COVID-19 crisis has delayed the physical show, collectors can still discover the new series on Artsy, where the abstract-meets-figurative works have struck a major chord with our audience. When our Curatorial team selected a work from “Biotech” to be included in Artsy’s Art Keeps Going campaign earlier this month, it quickly became the campaign’s most inquired-on artwork. Anderson’s works are Surrealist at their core—interiors melt into figures that melt into Cubist-like geometries—and recall the uncanny portraits of Francis Bacon or the layered collages of Robert Rauschenberg. Though Anderson’s paintings may appear spontaneous in their emotive intensity, the artist creates each work after an original drawing and utilizes his deep mastery of technique and composition, honed through his decade-long career as a fine arts educator.

—Jordan Huelskamp

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