Category: Sub Rosa

September 13, 2017 Press

Sub Rosa “Must-See” in the Observer

5 Must-See Gallery Shows in NYC This September By Margaret Carrigan • 09/11/17 3:45pm Read on the Observer. Caris Reid at Denny Gallery September 7–October 8 The flat surfaces of Reid’s paintings are misleading. Her work is rich in mystical iconography, in a way that is both timeless but also exceptionally immediate thanks to her bold, bright palette. The artist plays on this tension of past and present, known and unknown, in“Sub Rosa,” a Latin phrase meaning “under the rose,” which was invoked…Read More

September 09, 2017 Press

Caris Reid Interviewed by Chennie Huang

A CLANDESTINE WORLD By: Chennie Huang  |  Saturday, August 26, 2017 Read on CH Reviews. In celebration of her new solo-exhibition at Denny Gallery, which opens on September 7th, I invited artist, Caris Reid to have a conversation with me about her work and how she discovered a brave new world of clandestine spiritual energy living amongst the beauty of nature. Caris gracefully accepted my invitation. Caris Reid Matriarchal Matrix, 2017 Silkscreen, 29 x 22 in. / 74 x 56 cm…Read More

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