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February 09, 2023 Events

John Yau Reviewed Judy Ledgerwood’s Sunny in Hyperallergic

Judy Ledgerwood’s Playfully Subversive Patterns What distinguishes Ledgerwood’s work from the earlier generation of women artists working in the domain of Pattern and Decoration is its bluntness and humor. John Yau  |  February 9   Judy Ledgerwood, “First Color” (2022), oil on canvas, 15 inches x 15 inches (all images courtesy Denny Gallery)   A lot of writers, myself included, have connected Judy Ledgerwood’s exuberant abstractions to the Pattern and Decoration art movement. Historically speaking, Pattern and Decoration (1972–1985) challenged…Read More

February 07, 2023 Events

Judy Ledgerwood: Sunny Reviewed in the FAD Magazine

MUST SEE NYC GALLERY SHOWS CLOSING THIS WEEK By Vittoria Benzine • 7 February 2023   Courtesy of Denny Gallery.   These floral portals to brighter days are monumental in more ways than one. Sunny marks Chicago-based Judy Ledgerwood’s first return to the NYC gallery scene in some years with a cohesive series of large paintings she started in January 2021. One or two paintings in the show echo its sole sculpture with impasto oil enthusiastically accenting the picture plane….Read More

February 01, 2023 Artists, Events, Press

Judy Ledgerwood: Sunny in The Brooklyn Rail

Judy Ledgerwood: Sunny By Mána Taylor Feb 1, 2023   In her exhibition Sunny, Judy Ledgerwood has bold intentions. She began working on the paintings last January when she was searching for color during many gray days. At Denny Gallery, the paintings, as well as one large ceramic in the back of the gallery, feel necessary. They are large, most of them ranging between 60 and 80 inches tall. Yet, Ledgerwood is able to make us feel like the paintings…Read More

January 14, 2023 Artists, Events, Press

Denny Gallery, NY, Now Presenting Judy Ledgerwood’s Exhibition ‘Sunny’

Denny Gallery, NY, now presenting Judy Ledgerwood’s exhibition ‘Sunny’   Judy Ledgerwood, Skylarking, 2022. Oil on canvas. Images courtesy of Denny Gallery and the artist.   NEW YORK, NY.- Denny Gallery recently opened ‘Sunny’, a solo exhibition of new work by painter Judy Ledgerwood. On view at the gallery’s New York location since January 7, it will continue to February 11, 2023. Ledgerwood is a renowned painter whose work has featured in numerous international exhibitions and is included in prominent public collections…Read More

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