Caris Reid






Born 1983 in Washington D.C. Lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Caris Reid’s work deploys symbolism and pattern to explore femininity throughout history and across cultures. The female figures directly meet the eye of the viewer and impress with the strength of their pose. These female archetypes are covered with iconography such as cats, flowers, eyes, peace signs, yin yangs, birds. Reid extensively researches symbols from ancient history through the contemporary emoticon.

Caris Reid received her B.F.A. from Boston University. Reid’s most recent exhibition was, Healer. Feeler. Seer. Seen at Ochi Projects in Los Angeles, CA (2017). Other exhibitions include a two-person show Time & Tide with Amanda Valdez at Denny Gallery (2016), Diamond Seat at Circuit 12 in Dallas (2015), The Ocean is Double Sided at SEASON in Seattle (2015), and Sargent’s Daughters in New York (2014). She has received prestigious artist residencies at 100 West Corsicana in Corsicana, TX, Chandelier Artist Retreat in Montauk, and Takt Kunstprojektraum in Berlin. Her work has received coverage in Forbes, New American Painting, Vogue Japan, The New Yorker, Art Observed, Paper Magazine, and the New York Times Style Magazine.

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January 01, 2018 Press

Denny Gallery in The New York Times

How Carter Cleveland, of Artsy, Spends His Sundays Sunday Routine By Shivani Vora Published: Dec. 29, 2017  | Printed: Sunday, December 31, 2018   The New York Times published on article on the life of Artsy’s founder Carter Cleveland, where he stops and visits Denny Gallery to view the work of Caris Reid. Read on The New York Times website.  View in paper.

December 08, 2017 Press

Caris Reid Spoke on “Sit-In with Ally Hilfiger and Steve Hash”

Gallery Visits in the Lower East Side Released November 22, 2017 Listen to Podcast. Nicole Will, an art adviser in New York (Will Art Advisory) brings Ally and Steve to three different shows in lower Manhattan to meet artists and discuss their work. Caris Reid, walks them through her show “Sub Rosa” at the Denny Gallery. Jess Johnson shows at the Jack Hanley gallery (where Ally experiences a trippy virtual reality experience). Lastly, they visit a showing of Karl Wirsum’s work…Read More

September 13, 2017 Press

Sub Rosa “Must-See” in the Observer

5 Must-See Gallery Shows in NYC This September By Margaret Carrigan • 09/11/17 3:45pm Read on the Observer. Caris Reid at Denny Gallery September 7–October 8 The flat surfaces of Reid’s paintings are misleading. Her work is rich in mystical iconography, in a way that is both timeless but also exceptionally immediate thanks to her bold, bright palette. The artist plays on this tension of past and present, known and unknown, in“Sub Rosa,” a Latin phrase meaning “under the rose,” which was invoked…Read More

September 09, 2017 Press

Caris Reid Interviewed by Chennie Huang

A CLANDESTINE WORLD By: Chennie Huang  |  Saturday, August 26, 2017 Read on CH Reviews. In celebration of her new solo-exhibition at Denny Gallery, which opens on September 7th, I invited artist, Caris Reid to have a conversation with me about her work and how she discovered a brave new world of clandestine spiritual energy living amongst the beauty of nature. Caris gracefully accepted my invitation. Caris Reid Matriarchal Matrix, 2017 Silkscreen, 29 x 22 in. / 74 x 56 cm…Read More

August 09, 2016 Press

Caris Reid in Art Zealous

Meet Collage Darling, Caris Reid August 3, 2016 by Caitlin Confort Read on Art Zealous. Every month, Caris Reid hosts a whimsical evening of collaging to imaginative New Yorkers who like to play with scraps, sheets, and scissors. At Maha Rose, Caris opens up her coveted archive of vintage images to her students allowing them to explore the artistic theme of the evening. People really responded to the class, and four years later, Caris has hosted hundreds of workshops in…Read More

July 08, 2016 Press

Review of “The City & The City” by Emily Colucci for Art F City

“A Door-Shattering Breakthrough at Denny Gallery’s Pop-Up ‘The City & The City’” by Emily Colucci, July 8, 2016 Read on Art F City Nothing underscores the fraught tensions of gentrification quite like the deafening sound of a large glass door shattering behind you. Moments after I entered Denny Gallery’s East Broadway pop-up space this Wednesday, the gallery’s door splintered with a bang and a startling crack. Fragmenting into a wall of tiny shards, the broken door trapped the gallerists and…Read More

April 19, 2016 Press

Amanda Valdez and Caris Reid in Forbes Magazine

Read on The creative synergy between collaborative artists Caris Reid and Amanda Valdez is immediately apparent. In conversation, they build easily off each other’s assertions about their work, generous in their praise of one another. Even their appearances are complementary: when I met with them the afternoon before their opening at Denny Gallery in New York’s Lower East Side, Valdez wore a navy wrap dress that complemented her curly brown hair, while Reid wore a more fitted black dress…Read More

April 07, 2016 Press

Time & Tide in PAPER Magazine

Meet the Artists Behind a Witchy New Show Inspired by the Lunar Cycle By Kate Messinger, April 7, 2016 Read on PAPER Magazine Tonight is a new moon, and we’re all in it together. Throughout history, across cultures and time, the beginning of the lunar cycle is a symbol of new beginnings — when tides change, when farmers plant crops, when women believed they had less of a risk to get pregnant. And now, at a small gallery in the…Read More

February 12, 2016 Press

Amanda Valdez & Caris Reid Interview on Double or Nothing

Photographed in Brooklyn by Skye Parrott Read on Double or Nothing Across cultures and millennia the moon has constantly loomed, quietly reminding us of the power it holds; it can pull ocean tides, control birth cycles, make men crazy and illuminate the darkness. It is the serene, ever-evasive contrast to the energetic, persistent sun, maintaining a subversive influence that has served as both a guide and goddess for women throughout history. Caris Reid’s mythology-inspired symbolism and Amanda Valdez’s personified shapes…Read More

September 01, 2014 Press

Amanda Valdez in Women Artists Interviews Zine

View PDF in Women Artists: Interviews Zine


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