Born 1984, Salt Lake City, UT. Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

L is an alchemist with training and experience in numerous magical traditions. They co-founded a collective open-source metaphysics community, A.S.T.R.A.L.O.R.A.C.L.E.S, that has presented their technologies in San Francisco, Bucharest, Paris, Plovdiv, and Los Angeles. The most recent ritual space appeared at Five Car Garage in 2019. AO has held public rituals at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and at the EU Cultural Capital programme in Plovdiv Bulgaria.

L has had solo exhibitions at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City; Marlborough, New York; Stems Gallery, Brussels; AND NOW, Dallas; Shoot the Lobster, Los Angeles; JOAN, Los Angeles; Martos Gallery, New York; and No Gallery, New York.

L has been in group exhibitions including Denny Dimin Gallery, New York; Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills; Team Gallery, New York; Kerry Schuss, New York; CAPITAL, San Francisco; Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles + Bucharest; Venus over Los Angeles; Ellis King, Dublin; The LDS Church History and Art Museum, Salt Lake City; The Ghetto Biennale, Port-au-Prince. L’s work has been reviewed and written about in Frieze Magazine, Artforum, New Yorker Magazine, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Spike Quarterly among many others.

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