Stephen Thorpe







Born 1981 in Margate, UK. Lives in Atlanta, GA.


Thorpe is known for his interior-based paintings which are informed by a longstanding interest in psychoanalysis, sociology, folklore, symbolism, and the reality of myth. His painted architectural spaces can be understood as a manifestation of the psyche developed through an ongoing and in-depth self-analysis of the personal and collective unconscious. The rooms are the mind which Thorpe describes as unmapped psychological territories. For the artist, the act of painting is a process of visualizing and harnessing the internal coexistence of order and chaos.

Stephen Thorpe received his MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art in London. Thorpe’s most recent solo exhibitions include Enter the Forest at the Darkest Point and Semi-Conscious at Ora-Ora Gallery (Hong Kong), and Boundaries of the Soul at Denny Dimin Gallery (New York, NY). His work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions at Ora-Ora Gallery (Hong Kong), Denny Gallery (New York and Hong Kong), Saatchi Gallery (London, UK), the National Museum (Gdansk, Poland), Copeland Gallery (London, UK), Summerhall (Edinburgh, Scotland), the Royal Scottish Academy (Edinburgh, Scotland), and Aberdeen Art Gallery (Aberdeen, Scotland) among others. He has been the recipient of numerous prizes including the Basil H. Alkazzi Foundation Scholarship, Saatchi’s Showdown Prize judged by Kristine Roepstorff and Matthias Weisher, prize winner of the 3rd Ward Open Call, and the Royal Scottish Academy’s The Skinny Award. Thorpe’s work is held in prominent international private and museum collections, and his work has been written about and featured in numerous publications including The New Yorker, The Art Newspaper, Widewalls, ARTnet News, Artnews, Hyperallergic, Surface Magazine and Lifestyle Asia among others. Stephen Thorpe is represented by Denny Gallery (New York) and Ora-Ora (Hong Kong).

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Virtual Exhibitions:

Stephen Thorpe
May 17, 2022 Artists, Events, Press

‘Buying art is like meeting a new friend’: advisor Elizabeth Von Habsburg on her very personal approach to collecting

The managing director of the art appraisal and advisory firm the Winston Art Group discusses her latest buys and the best collecting advice she’s received including Stephen Thorpe and Amir H. Fallah.

May 09, 2022 Art Fairs, Events, Press

What Sold at New York Art Week 2022

At NADA, the sort of digital artworks that were so noticeably absent from other fairs were on display at booths like Denny Dimin Gallery’s, which featured computers playing Jeremy Couillard’s video game/video art piece Fuzz Dungeon on loop alongside paintings of old-school arcade consoles by Stephen Thorpe.

Read on Artsy.

May 09, 2022 Art Fairs, Events, Press

Eight Bold Booths at NADA’s NYC Comeback

Stephen Thorpe’s paintings of vultures and vintage gaming cabinets chatted with Jeremy Couillard’s digital artworks, from a game of his own design to deconstructed consoles and colorful 2D works like circuit boards.


May 06, 2022 Art Fairs, Artists, Events, Press

‘We’ve Seen a Huge Convergence’: NADA New York Dealers Are Catering to Collectors Who Want Both NFTs and Traditional Media

“We thought of it as a counter to the NFT world,” Robert Dimin said of the gallery’s presentation, which included a video game by Couillard with paintings of old-school video game consoles by Thorpe.

Read on artnet news.

May 06, 2022 Art Fairs, Artists, Events, Press

From NFT pets to a dystopian video game, digital art stands out at Nada New York 2022

The British painter Stephen Thorpe and the American digital artist Jeremy Couillard have collaborated to create an environment suggestive of a video game arcade

May 05, 2022 Art Fairs, Events, Press

At NADA, a Glorious Collision of Paintings and Ceramics

Other notable galleries showing paintings include Stephen Thorpe at Denny Dimin (Booth 6.14); Mickey Lee at One Trick Pony (Booth 6.01) and a group show at The Pit (1.01)

May 04, 2022 Art Fairs, Events, Press

NADA Returns to New York City for its 8th Edition

NADA Returns to New York City for its 8th Edition

Read on Whitewall.

May 02, 2022 Art Fairs, Events, Press

Your Ultimate Guide to NYC’s May Art Fairs

Highlights of this edition of the contemporary and emerging art fair include an arcade-inspired booth pairing gaming stations by new media artist Jeremy Couillard with paintings by Stephen Thorpe.

May 02, 2022 Art Fairs, Artists, Events, Press

New York Art Week kicks off a busy spring of fairs, auctions and more

The new week-long alignment starts the spring art season with a bang, including the returns of the Independent, Nada New York, Tefaf New York and the Future Art Fair

March 30, 2022 Events, Press

Stephen Thorpe in Surface Magazine

Three words to describe it: Familiar, nostalgic, awakening.

March 25, 2022 Events, Press

Stephen Thorpe Reviewed in The Art Newspaper

Thorpe’s works also exemplify the unbound potential of our own imaginations.

March 23, 2022 Press

Stephen Thorpe: Boundaries of the Soul Reviewed in The New Yorker

Thorpe seems most concerned with the cumulative power of ornament to conjure a syncretic, escapist reality.

September 16, 2021 Press

Stephen Thorpe featured in COBO Social

Stephen Thorpe: Some might say, if it ain’t broken, why bother to fix it?

Read on COBO Social.

September 18, 2020 Press

Stephen Thorpe in Home Journal

Denny Dimin Gallery offers unique glimpse into an artist’s mind during self-isolation via virtual art show “Stephen ThorpeSpace Invaders”.

Read in Home Journal

June 19, 2020 Press

Stephen Thorpe in Elephant Magazine

Stephen Thorpe’s Eerie Interiors Capture Isolation in Colourful Form.

December 30, 2019 Press

Stephen Thorpe featured in Artomity Magazine

Stephen Thorpe featured in A Hong Kong Art Magazine

Stephen Thorpe
9min Artist Talk for "Space Invaders"
Stephen Thorpe with Dr. Esterhuyzen
Art and Psychology


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