Tim Garwood





Born 1984 in Epsom, UK. Lives and works in London, UK.

Tim Garwood paints intuitively – his process being one of spontaneity and instinct. He builds his paintings on panes of glass inverting the process starting with the minute details and adding larger layers using oil, spray paint, ink, glitter and lace. The final additions of neon tubes and painted cables bring his expressionist marks into further into the space of the viewer, appearing like tendrils which electrify the surface of the paintings. Continuing his explorations of the space surrounding the paintings, the works are framed by the artist in materials such as burnt and blistered wood, encrusted in glitter and collaged with found materials. Made at the same time as the paintings, these composite parts of the work form an integral part of the studio process. Often sourcing materials from the streets and from his studio to construct paintings, the works are both collections of recognizable ephemera whilst also being living memories of the artist’s surroundings. He paints on IKEA tablecloths, sacking, fragments of canvas on the floor, wood, lace, denim, exploring a visual language across paintings, drawings and mixed media works. Garwood is consistently testing the performance and capability of each material under the weight of studio debris and heavy swathes of paint. His abstraction is one of tactile immediacy, his vocabulary truthful and instantaneous, oscillating freely between personal suggestions of place, collective experience and association.

Tim Garwood’s upcoming exhibitions include a solo at Denny Gallery, Hong Kong and a two person with Daisy Parris at Arario Gallery, Shanghai. Recent exhibitions include Horatiu Boldor, Sim Smith, London, UK (solo), How Small A Thought, curated by Anne Ryan for Margate Art Festival, UK, Abroad From Earth, Sim Smith, London, UK (solo), What Kind Of Spirit Is This?, Sim Smith, London, UK, Bad Grammar, Galería Combustión Espontánea, Madrid (solo), Cloud Concrete, Unit 1 Gallery, London, Be Right Back, Brick Lane Studios, London, UK.

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