Tim Garwood
Super Deluxe Violet Sky

03.18.2023 - 05.27.2023




Denny Gallery is delighted to announce Tim Garwood’s solo exhibition Super Deluxe Violet Sky opening at Denny Gallery, Hong Kong from March 18 to April 29, 2023. This will be Garwood’s first exhibition both in Hong Kong and with Denny Gallery.

Tim Garwood has built a reputation as a vivacious, spontaneous and intuitive artist, however this belies the methodology and deeply involved practice which he has honed for nearly a decade. Garwood creates inverse paintings on glass using layered media such as oil paint, ink and spray paint as well as highly textured abstract works on canvas. They form two sides of a practice built on paintings which are raucous explosions of color, texture, marks and gesture. Garwood’s paintings push beyond the normal boundaries of surface and pictorial dimension, particularly in this current body of work which engulfs the frames of each piece into the painting themselves through the use of built-up glitter, gestural painted patterns and collage. Since 2022, Garwood has incorporated dynamic neon lighting placed across some works which give added dimension as a form of linear mark making – the light casting an eerie glow back into the works which are inverse paintings on glass and adding further tactile depth and texture onto the canvas pieces.

The title of the exhibition Super Deluxe Violet Sky alludes to the starry nostalgia that is embedded in Garwood’s work and practice. As a child of the 1980s, he has a wistful respect for everyday pop culture as well as a rock and roll rebellion towards complicating the work by overlaying too much meaning. This applies to threads of themes that can be traced in the work such as the inclusion of British stamps heralding from that decade which formed part of a childhood collection as well as the visual material related to gardens, flowers and nature. Both are simultaneously present yet not intended to be specific clues or signifiers with the work. It is rather the layers of marks, color and media that guide the viewer into finding their own relationship with the paintings. Small details that one comes across move the work from the gesture of the artist through to a more personal connection with the viewer. The titles behave in the same way: Sula Basanna, Stomper, Drummer all allude to a musical influence on the works, implying a hedonistic disco edge, almost allowing the audience to hear the music, and yet with the calmer more scenic mindset of Pond, Par Terre and Playful Paradise we are moved into a different mode of thought where the works sit firmly embedded in nature. With this difference we can consider the fact that perhaps there is no thematic connection; that we are imposing meaning based on how we are moved by what we see. What we do see is the magpie-like accumulation of color, material and paint transformed into an energetic offering that is up to us as the viewer to build on with our own thoughts and connections.

Tim Garwood (b, 1984, Epsom, UK) lives and works in London, UK. Upcoming exhibitions include a solo at Denny Gallery, Hong Kong and a two-person exhibition with Daisy Parris at Arario Gallery, Shanghai. Recent exhibitions include Horatiu Boldor, Sim Smith, London, UK (solo), How Small A Thought, curated by Anne Ryan for Margate Art Festival, UK, Abroad From Earth, Sim Smith, London, UK (solo), What Kind Of Spirit Is This?, Sim Smith, London, UK, Bad Grammar, Galería Combustión Espontánea, Madrid (solo).


丹尼畫廊欣然宣布Tim Garwood的個展《超豪華紫羅蘭天空》(Super Deluxe Violet Sky) 將於 2023 年 3 月 18 日至 4 月 29 日在香港丹尼畫廊開幕。這將是Garwood首次在香港展出,同时也是在丹尼畫廊的首次展覽。

Tim Garwood以活潑生動、自發性強和重視直覺的藝術創作而著稱,但這並不能全面地概括出他用近十年時間潛心鑽研的方法論以及深入的親身實踐。Garwood使用油畫顏料、墨水和噴漆等媒介,利用疊層的手法,在玻璃上以倒轉朝向作畫,以及創作出高質感的抽像畫布作品。它們使建立在繪畫基礎上的藝術實踐形成了兩個不同面向,而那些繪畫充斥著喧鬧且具爆炸性的色彩、紋理、標記和手法等視覺元素。Garwood的畫作超越了表面和畫面尺寸的正常界限,尤其是在當前的這組作品中,它透過使用疊加的閃粉、手勢繪畫的圖案和拼貼手法將每件作品的框架融入到繪畫本身中。自 2022 年以來,Garwood在一些作品上放置了充滿生機與活力的霓虹燈燈光,以線性標記製作的形式令作品提高至另一個維度,而霓虹光將怪異的光芒投射回玻璃上的倒轉繪畫作品,進一步增加了其畫布作品的觸覺深度和質感。

展覽的標題《超豪華紫羅蘭天空》暗示了Garwood的作品和實踐中所蘊含著對星空的懷舊情結。作為成長於 1980 年代的孩子,他對當時的日常流行文化有著一份渴慕和尊重,以及懷有一種透過疊加過多意義使作品複雜化的搖滾樂式反叛。這份情懷被放進到其作品中能追溯到的主題線索,例如是他在那十年間收藏的,並構成他一部分童年藏品的英國郵票,以及與花園、花卉和大自然相關的視覺素材。以上兩者同時出現,但卻不打算成為作品的具體線索或象徵。反而是作品中多重層次的標記、顏色和媒介引導著觀眾找到自己與繪畫的關係。在作品中發現的小細節能將作品從藝術家的主導和示意轉變為與觀眾更個人化的聯繫。作品標題的表現方式都是一樣的:《蘇拉·巴薩納》(Sula Basanna)、《踐踏者》(Stomper)、和《鼓手》(Drummer) 都影射出音樂文化對他作品的影響,也暗示了崇尚享樂主義的迪斯科 (Disco) 文化特質,這幾乎讓觀眾彷彿聽到了音樂。然而在《池塘》(Pond) 、《花壇》(Par Terre) 和《玩樂天堂》(Playful Paradise) 中更平靜、景色怡人的創作心態,使我們被帶入了一種截然不同的思維模式——現在作品是牢牢地植根於自然之中。因著這個區別,我們可以細想這樣一個事實,也許作品從來也沒有主題關聯,我們是根據自身如何被所見之物打動而強加意義在其中。我們所看到的是喜鵲般的顏色、物料和顏料的疊加,轉化成為一種充滿活力的供物,而這取決於我們作為觀眾以我們自己的想法和聯繫為基礎,為作品建構和疊加意義。

Tim Garwood(1984 年出生於英國埃普索姆)目前在英國倫敦生活和工作。 即將舉行的展覽包括在香港丹尼畫廊舉辦的個展,以及在上海阿拉里奧畫廊與戴茜·帕里斯( Daisy Parris) 的雙人展。 最近的展覽包括《霍雷肖·博爾多》( Horatiu Boldor),西姆·史密斯畫廊 (Sim Smith),倫敦,英國(個展)、《多麼渺小的一個念頭》(How Small A Thought),由 安妮·瑞安 (Anne Ryan) 為馬蓋特藝術節策劃,英國、《從地球到異國》(Abroad From Earth),西姆·史密斯畫廊,倫敦,英國(個展),《這是一種怎樣的精神?》(What Kind Of Spirit Is This?),西姆·史密斯畫廊,倫敦,英國,以及《差勁的語法》(Bad Grammar),自燃畫廊 (Galería Combustión Espontánea),馬德里(個展)。



03.18.23 Opening Reception | 5-8 pm |

Denny Gallery, Hong Kong


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