10.12.16 Events

Artist-Made Game Night at Denny Gallery on Oct 18

Denny Gallery is delighted to host Game Night #5.

Game Night #5 will explore the theme of language with artists Sal Randolph, Chloe Bass, Sharang Biwas, and Max Seidman

Date: Tuesday, October 18th

Time: 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Learn more at Game Night’s Website.


Game of Art

By: Sal Randolph

The Game of Art is an instructional artwork exploded into an atomic state and reimagined as a game. Could there be a system that expressed every possible artwork as its instruction? A vast library of possibilities? Players in the Game of Art take on shifting roles as “artists” and “critics,” pitting themselves against each other in an attempt to imagine new possible and impossible works of art.

Serve immediately (makes two portions)

By: Chloë Bass

Part telephone, part exquisite corpse, Serve immediately (makes two portions) is an exercise in associative listening. Designed for quick play between pairs, the game works as follows: partners whisper a sentence back and forth to one another, repeating whatever they last heard. Simultaneously, the two players are completing and exchanging exquisite corpse drawings. The interplay between listening and writing/drawing is interrupted by the consumption of candy: a flavor burst to remind the body of the physical elements of active listening.

Each round lasts for two minutes. Play promises to be over-stimulating, giggle-inducing, and mildly exhausting. Increased emotional intimacy (almost) guaranteed. This game is being enacted as research for The Book of Everyday Instruction, Chapter Six: a study of recipes for emotional continuity within established pair relationships. The title, Serve immediately, is a play on both the standard recipe instruction of the same phrasing, and a reminder of the shared physical agility of partner-tennis.

Alastor Sibly’s Principles of Applied Esoterica and the Arts of Incantation for Young Adults of Consequence and Magical Talent

By: Sharang Biwas + Max Seidman

Private tuition available in Applied Esoterica and the Arts of Incantation for young adults of consequence and magical talent. Education is to be overseen by Professor Alastor Sibly, accomplished esoterician and renowned tutor, in accordance with the modern method prescribed by preeminent linguists and esoteric theoreticians Sir Sharang Biswas and Lord Max J. Seidman, from their well-known treatise Basic Principles of Incantations & Applied Esoterics. Students will receive a thorough grounding on contemporary theories of magical utterances, as well as applications of incantations. Lessons will culminate in practical exams in the use of Proto Esoterica, as befitting young adults of breeding. Sound Design by Rebecca Drapkin.

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