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Lauren Seiden Named 10 of NYC’s Most Amazing Female Artists by Refinery29

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By Emily Singer / October 22,2014

It’s officially art fair season, with the 12th edition of Frieze London taking place last week, and exhibitions rolling out in cities ranging from Toronto to Dubai over the next few months, culminating in the big art fest-slash-cultural who’s-who-slash-party that is Art Basel Miami Beach in December. That makes it a great time for emerging artists to get their work in front of new audiences — and for you to discover a few new names to start obsessing over.

While one of the biggest shows for young artists — the Whitney Biennial — opened in New York this summer with a lackluster 30% women (the same percentage we saw back in 1987), it’s actually a very exciting time for up-and-coming female artists. To celebrate, we highlighted 10 of our favorite New York-based talents and picked a favorite example of their work — you know, just in case you can’t make it to Miami.

Lauren Seiden

At first glance Lauren Seiden’s work may look like slabs of marble, but don’t be fooled. First, she molds paper around a frame and applies layers of graphite to the crumpled form; then, she allows the paper’s natural folds to dictate the final result.

“My work explores the essential elements of process and materiality through an intuitive layering of graphite that tests the conventions of drawing; breaking down the surface and transforming the paper into a physical, textural and structural form,” she told LVL3 Media. “The dualities of strength and fragility are encapsulated within this process, and these sculptural forms present a manipulation of materials that transform these materials into objects.”

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