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Lauren Seiden Things to See This Armory Week in Paper Magazine

Beyond the Main Fair: 9 Things to See This Armory Week

by Kate Messinger

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Light your torches, the art world olympics are upon us again. The largest New York based art fair, the Armory Art Show in its 22nd year, brings us a giant warehouse filled with artwork you have probably seen before, a burning glow of neon lights, a $5 shot of espresso, and the possibility to be stabbed by a woman with art fair hysteria like at this year’s Art Basel in Miami. The fair at pier 92 and 94 is in itself a test of endurance that only the strongest (it’s a 20 minute-walk from any subway) and most affluent (general admission is $45) will survive. So maybe, let’s not.

Instead, be a winner and see all the other cooler, more convenient and sometimes completely free art events happening outside the main fair. You won’t get a medal, but it’s better than crushing crowds and expensive tickets. Our picks below.

Lauren Seiden at Denny Gallery

February 26 – April 3

We all feel the weight around us, but Seiden’s large-scale sculptures using marble, wire, paper and thread, each covered and infused with a metallic sheen of graphite, manipulate and contort the concept of weight to a new extreme. From the silvery substance resting peacefully on top of a pool to a towering graphite covered thread sculpture that resembles a frozen waterfall, time, space and substance take on a new meaning the second you enter the space.

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