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Lauren Seiden’s “Yesterday So Fast” a Must-See NYC Art Exhibition

5 Must-See NYC Art Exhibitions At Galerie Richard, Richard Taittinger, Denny Gallery And More

By Meg Busacca, Mar 11, 2016 

Read on Fashion Times.

  1.  “I’ll Meet You There x William Bradley @ Galerie Richard

  2.  “Rapaciously Yours” x Frances Goodman @ Richard Taittinger

  3.  “Yesterday So Fast” x Lauren Seiden @ Denny Gallery

Denny Gallery presents “Yesterday So Fast,” a solo exhibition featuring sculptural works by Lauren Seiden. The collection of pieces evokes an environment of suspended time, highlighting movements such as falling, collapsing and crunching, through the manipulation of unique materials.

Seiden executes this effect by applying layers of graphic to a variety of surfaces, including steel mesh, thread, marble and water. She aims to illustrate a specific idea — “yesterday’s pressing present already weighed down by the momentum of tomorrow.”

Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca
Photo : Fashion Times – Meg Busacca
Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca
Photo : Fashion Times – Meg Busacca

“Yesterday So Fast” will run through April 3. Denny Gallery is located at 261 Broome St. on the Lower East Side.

  1. “Life is Elsewhere” x Carl Boutard @ Turn Gallery

  1. “Beyond The Gaze: Women Painting Women” @ Garis & Hahn Gallery

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