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Born 1982, in Moscow, Russia. Lives in London.

Nikolai Ishchuk’s practice can be described as being primarily photography-based. It is, however, augmented through inclusion of sculpture, installation, collage and other elements. Ever-shifting, it traverses these border territories, mining their potential to create hybrid works and testing the medium’s limits. It also explores possibilities for a discourse that speaks photographically through non-image means and that both assimilates medium-specific concerns and extends well beyond.

Ishchuk received an MA from the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. He was the first non-documentary photographer to win the British Journal of Photography award. Ishchuk has exhibited internationally, including at such institutions as Whitechapel Gallery (London) and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

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January 28, 2016 Press

Nikolai Ishchuk on Resonance 104.4 FM

Outside/Inside: The Work of Nikolai Ishchuk Resonance 104.4 FM Aired January 19, 2016 Listen to the recording HERE. There then, hear now is a photography show on the radio. We know that photographs are fictions and not being able to see them compounds this fact. Just try and explain a photograph to somebody. Instead, this series investigates sounds inspired by photographs. Hearing is another way of seeing. Outside/Inside: The Work of Nikolai Ishchuk The abundance of photographic production and the…Read More

December 16, 2015 Press

Nikolai Ishchuk, Penumbra Reviewed by Collector Daily

Read on Collector Daily Nikolai Ishchuk, Penumbra @Denny By Loring Knoblauch  / December 15, 2015 JTF (just the facts): A total of 10 photographic prints and 5 photographic sculptures displayed in the two room gallery space, the prints hung unframed and held to the white walls with nails and the sculptures shown on pedestals. All of the prints are gelatin silver prints, with additional cyanotype, acrylic, oil stick, printing ink, cement wash, and polymer spray, made in 2014 and 2015. Physical sizes range from 11×9…Read More

November 18, 2015 Press

Nikolai Ishchuk: Top 9 Art Events in ARTnews

Read on ARTnews. 9 ART EVENTS TO ATTEND IN NEW YORK CITY THIS WEEK Posted on November 16, 2015 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19 Opening: Nikolai Ishchuk at Denny Gallery Nikolai Ishchuk’s work could be considered photography, but it looks like anything but that. The London-based artist’s work is largely about destroying or distorting photographic images, twisting and turning his prints until they seem closer to sculptures or paintings. The joy of Ishchuk’s work is trying to figure out what the artist…Read More

October 10, 2014 Press

Nikolai Ishchuk on View in Sarah Jessica Parker’s Townhouse

View PDF of Evening Standard – Homes and Property September 17, 2014 Too small for all those shoes, SJP? SARAH JESSICA PARKER, right, has put her Greenwich Village townhouse on the market. Could it be the wardrobe is no longer big enough? The big, stylish, five-bedroom New York property, below, which she shares with actor husband Matthew Broderick and their three children, was first put up for sale by the couple in 2012, but they ended up taking it off…Read More

February 22, 2014 Press

Nikolai Ishchuk exhibition reviewed on Collector Daily

Nikolai Ishchuk, Indeterminate Objects @Denny By Loring Knoblauch/ In Galleries/ February 20, 2014 Read on Collector Daily. JTF (just the facts): A total of 16 photographic works, generally unframed and pinned to the wall with masonry nails or set on pedestals, and displayed in the two room gallery space and the back office area. 15 of the works are unique sculptural objects, variously constructed from gelatin silver prints, c-prints, cyanotype chemicals, acrylic paint, polymer spray, and cement, all made in 2013. Physical…Read More

December 15, 2013 Press Releases

Upcoming exhibition: Nikolai Ishchuk “Indeterminate Objects” February 6 – March 16, 2014

Denny Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo gallery exhibition in the United States of Nikolai Ishchuk, titled Indeterminate Objects and running from February 6 to March 16, 2014. Nikolai Ishchuk was born in 1982 in Moscow and lives in London. His work moves beyond the indexical image and even beyond the photographic object as such toward an expanded and more abstract photographic thinking. His most recent body of work, Indeterminate Objects, includes sculptures made with photographs, overpainted photographic…Read More

December 08, 2013 Art Fairs

News and Press from UNTITLED. Miami Beach

Round up of a couple of press mentions for Denny Gallery while exhibiting in UNTITLED. Miami Beach, December 2 – 8, 2013 BOMBlog. Denny Gallery mentioned by Omar Lopez-Chahoud in an interview by Tabitha Piseno. Read. The Art Newspaper. Elizabeth Denny quoted in “Untitled Stakes its Claim on Miami Beach” by Rachel Corbett. Read. Eyes Towards the Dove. Denny Gallery booth included in the lineup “Top Picks for Art Untitled Miami, 2013” by Katy Diamond Hamer. Read.

November 25, 2013 Art Fairs

Denny Gallery Exhibiting at UNTITLED. Miami Beach

Exhibiting at UNTITLED. December 4 – 8, 2013 Ocean Drive & 12th Street, Miami Beach Booth B20 Artists on view: Jason Gringler, Nikolai Ishchuk, Ole Martin Lund Bø, Lauren Seiden, Jordan Tate Work available by: Michael Rudokas, Amanda Valdez, Nadja Frank

November 22, 2013 Press

Essay on Nikolai Ishchuk’s Offset by Lucy Soutter

Read on photoworks Nikolai Ishchuk’s Offset series pulls apart the family album. Ishchuk has digitally reworked a set of found snapshots, separating the central figures from each other and leaving the middle of the frame oddly vacant. This gesture is a direct function of the Photoshop offset filter referenced in the title, a tool that automatically splits an image down the middle and reverses the pieces so that the centre moves to the edges and the edges meet in a…Read More

July 20, 2013 Outside Exhibitions

Nikolai Ishchuk exhibited in “Studio Series: Chapter 4” at FoodFace, London, July 18-21, 2013

A selection of Nikolai Ishchuk’s recent works will be presented in the fourth and last installment of “The Studio Series” at the FoodFace space in Peckham, London. The program, curated by Louise Chignac of Goldsmiths MA Curating, is a testing ground to explore potential relationships between the two major places of art: the studio, where it is made, and the gallery, where it is displayed. Nikolai Ishchuk uses photography as his primary medium; it is both the source of his…Read More

July 03, 2012 Press

Nikolai Ishchuk in London Evening Standard “Meet the new SmartArtists”

Read on London Evening Standard A preview of the work of five young artists in Whitechapel Gallery’s relaunched London Open exhibition reveal a snapshot of contemporary art at its most cerebral in years, says Ben Luke.


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