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Rebekah Goldstein (b. 1982) makes paintings that explore depictions of space, the human figure and built environment. Goldstein’s works are fluid abstract forms where shapes and colors interlink in cycles that ebb and flow referencing architecture, the body and objects. The elements within the works intentionally play with perspective and color to encourage the viewer to chart each shape’s metamorphosis into the next and back again. Following the pandemic and her own physical changes experienced through having children, Goldstein began to incorporate shaped canvases into her practice. By articulating her investigation into abstraction, repetition and metamorphosis through the entirety of the work and not just contained by the rectangular canvas, she explores the movement of space even more fervently.

Rebekah Goldstein (San Jose, Calif., born 1982)  Goldstein has shown widely across the Bay Area including venues such as CULT Aimee Friberg, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, Guerrero Gallery, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, Berkeley Arts Center and Bedford Gallery. She has been awarded residencies at the Sam and Adele Golden Center for the Arts, the Atlantic Center for the Arts and the Arad Arts Project. Her work is part of the permanent collection of Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, the Fidelity Collection, Google, as well as many notable private collections. Her work has been featured in Art Forum, Art Plugged, Square Cylinder, and New American Paintings. Goldstein received an MFA from California College of the Arts in 2012 and a BA from Sarah Lawrence College in 2004. Goldstein currently lives and works in San Francisco.

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