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Born 1977 in New York, NY. Lives in Copake, NY.


Dana Sherwood is a multimedia artist who examines the expansive topic of the Anthropocene. She is best known for preparing elaborate banquets and cakes for local wildlife, the consumption of which she documents with covert video footage and fanciful watercolors. Sherwood’s work creatively examines the complex and intimate relationship between humans and other animals in an increasingly homogenized ecosystem, one which is threatened by climate change and development.

Dana Sherwood received her BFA from the University of Maine, Farmington. Her recent solo exhibitions include Some Kind of Tea Party or Thereabouts in the Realm of Madness at UMass Dartmouth, (Dartmouth, MA), The Cake Eaters at Denny Dimin Gallery (New York, NY), Dana Sherwood: Animal Appetites and Other Encounters in Wildness at Florence Griswold Museum (Old Lyme, CT), Horses for the Trees at Denny Dimin Gallery (New York, NY) and Feral Cakes at Kepler Art Conseil, Galerie de l’Angle (Paris, France) among others. Her work has been included in exhibitions at dOCUMENTA 13 (Kassel, Germany), MASS MoCA (North Adams, MA), Storm King Art Center (New Windsor, NY), Jack Shainman Gallery (New York, NY), Nassau County Museum of Art (Roslyn, NY), Flux Factory (New York, NY), Socrates Sculpture Park (New York, NY), The Pit (Glendale, CA), Tanya Bonakdar Gallery (New York, NY), and Marianne Boesky Gallery (New York, NY). Sherwood has received several prestigious residencies including Swing Space by LMCC, Pilchuck Glass School, and OMI International Arts Center. Her work has been featured and reviewed in publications including The New York Times, Forbes, Hyperallergic, Surface, The Village Voice, Food & Wine, The Huffington Post, Art F City, and the Miami Rail. Dana Sherwood is represented by Denny Gallery (New York).

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Some Kind of Tea Party or Thereabouts in the Realm of Madness
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
09.21.2022 - 12.28.2022
Animal Appetites and Other Encounters in Wildness
Florence Griswold Museum
05.21.2022 - 09.19.2022
Lands End
FOR-SITE Foundation
11.07.2021 - 03.22.2022
The Pollinator Pavillion
The Thomas Cole Historic Site
08.01.2020 - 11.30.2021
Conservatory For Confectionery Curiosities
deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
01.01.2020 - 12.31.2020
Misadventures of a 21st-Century Naturalist
The ICA Boston
10.04.2017 - 12.31.2017
A Feast for the Eyes
The Nassau County Museum of Art
07.29.2016 - 11.06.2016
FOOD – Ecologies of the Everyday
Fellbach Triennial, Germany
06.11.2016 - 10.02.2016
Nuit Blanche
Toronto Art Festival
10.04.2014 - 10.05.2014
Conservatory For Confectionery Curiosities
Jardin des Tuileries, Paris
01.01.2008 - 12.31.2008
September 22, 2022 Events

Dana Sherwood Acquired by the Florence Griswold Museum

Multiple artworks by Dana Sherwood were acquired by the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, CT following her survey exhibition Animal Appetites and Other Encounters in Wildness which closed September 18th. (Photo: Paul Mutino)

August 16, 2022 Events, Press

Dana Sherwood in The Days

Dana Sherwood’s Solo Museum Exhibition at Florence Griswold Museum.

Read on The Days.

July 07, 2022 Artists, Press

Dana Sherwood On Yale University Radio

Sherwood discusses her current show ‘The Cake Eaters.’ Talking about what you see in the show, where the ideas came from and the many previous projects and travels that have allowed the work to evolve.

November 06, 2021 Press

Dana Sherwood featured in Vogue: “Set Against the Crashing Waves of the Pacific, a New Art Exhibition Takes On the Climate Crisis”

“I don’t really believe in didacticism in art—I think that’s horrible,” she says. What she seeks out instead are ways to intrigue and provoke, which in her case often begin with imagery related to food… “They are kind of hypnotic—I made these porcelain and gold leaf cake stands for each one.”

Read on Vogue.

October 09, 2021 Press

Dana Sherwood featured in the New York Times: “Teaching a New Inclusiveness at The School”

Dana Sherwood’s strange feminist fantasias, drawings and paintings of naked women posed, along with idyllic living-room sets, in the bellies of enormous animals [deserve mention].

August 05, 2021 Press

Dana Sherwood featured in Sculpture Magazine: “Must-See Sculpture Park Shows”

A round-up of this year’s best outdoor sculpture exhibitions.

May 12, 2021 Press

“Let Chaos Reign” – Dana Sherwood featured in Upstate Diary

“The same way I want to draw the animals in by enticing them with meatballs, I also want to draw people in by enticing them with the wonder of watching a raccoon tea party.”

April 14, 2021 Press

Dana Sherwood featured in Lens/Cratch: “Politics of the Kitchen: Dana Sherwood”

As we peer into these night visions through Sherwood’s lens, her other-worldly sets and confections invite us into another reality. Through her patient and humorous overtures, the animals reveal themselves. The creatures upend our notions of order as they wash their paws in teacups and walk on the table. They surprise us.

Read on Lens/Cratch.

March 25, 2020 Artists, Press

Dana Sherwood in artnet news

10 More Recipes From Artists Who Are Getting Creative in the Kitchen to Spice Up Dining in the Era of Social Distancing.

Read on artnet news.

November 19, 2019 Artists, Press

Dana Sherwood in Air Mail

The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote, “If a lion could speak, we would not be able to understand him.”

Read on Air Mail.

November 04, 2019 Artists, Press

Dana Sherwood in WWD

From the pocket of a white denim jacket in the back of Denny Dimin Gallery, Dana Sherwood pulls out a rock. Not just any rock, though: she’d picked this one up while visiting the Gobi Desert. Shortly after, she took it to a Mongolian shaman, who blessed it and handed it back to her as a sort of talisman.

Read on WWD.

October 25, 2019 Artists, Press

Dana Sherwood in Creative Boom

Dana Sherwood’s new paintings focus on her experience of living amongst nomadic tribes in Mongolia

For her stunning new series of paintings, New York artist Dana Sherwood centres on her experience of living and working amongst nomadic tribes in Mongolia.

September 25, 2019 Artists, Press

Dana Sherwood in Forbes

A collaboration of Mark Dion and his wife Dana Sherwood, Confectionery Curiosities (2008/2019) is a highlight of Mark Dion: Follies, on view through November 11. The first exhibition to display Dion’s folly works as a major survey is an exploration of the artist’s creative interpretation of architectural folly since the mid-1990s.

Read on Forbes.

July 16, 2019 Artists, Press

Dana Sherwood in The New York Times

Food Is Part of the Fun at Storm King

By: Florence Fabricant
Food and eating figure into some of the whimsical interactive works by the American artist Mark Dion that now dot the Storm King Art Center’s more than 500 acres and museum in the Hudson Valley.

November 29, 2018 Press

Dana Sherwood in The New York Times Style Magazine

IN THE PHOTOGRAPH, 16 raw yolks sit in a plastic ice-cube tray, each compartment brimming with albumen. Around the tray lie broken eggshells, cast off on a dimensionless blue surface. As a composition, it’s simple and striking, with saturated Jolly Rancher colors, the kind of image that pops on Instagram. But it doesn’t tell the story we’ve come to expect from food photographs that dominate social media: There’s no teasing promise of deliciousness or even edibility. The yolks are sunshine-yellow…Read More

January 09, 2018 Press

Dana Sherwood Featured In Wild Air

Dana Sherwood is In Wild Air Volume V | Edition LVIII Made by Heath Killen View on In Wild Air Dana Sherwood is In Wild Air Dana Sherwood is a New York based artist whose work explores contact between human and non-human animals in order to understand culture and behavior. Her sculptures, videos, and watercolors portray ritualized feedings Sherwood creates for animals who live on the frontiers of human civilization. She experiments night after night serving them decadent cakes, sculpted…Read More

December 08, 2017 Art Fairs, Press

Dana Sherwood in Surface

Will Work With Food By Kevin West Printed in December Issue Posted on December 08, 2017 Read on Surface. …Dana Sherwood stretches food-based identity to its furthest limit—as the defining activity of the species Homo sapiens—and keeps going. Inspired by 19th-century illustrated cooking encyclopedias, 1960s Jell-O molds, and the writing of Claude Levi-Strauss, the New York–based artist creates feasts not intended for human consumption. Instead, Sherwood composes her outdoor banquets, turns on a nighttime infrared surveillance camera, and heads inside….Read More

December 08, 2017 Art Fairs, Press

Dana Sherwood Named 10 Emerging Artists to Discover at Untitled, Miami Beach

10 Emerging Artists to Discover at Untitled, Miami Beach By Scott Indrisek Dec 5, 2017 Read on Artsy Untitled returned for its sixth edition in Miami on Tuesday, its stylish tent set up mere feet from the waves crashing onto South Beach. The fair continues to hone its status as a go-to stop for savvy collectors, especially those whose budget might max out at $10,000. Artsy hit the booths on preview day to scout the works that you’ll want to…Read More

August 15, 2017 Events, Outside Exhibitions, Press

Dana Sherwood and dOGUMENTA in The New York Times

Treats, Jewelry and AstroTurf: Scenes From an Art Show for Dogs By JOSHUA BARONE   Photographs by KRISTA SCHLUETER   Produced by LAURA O’NEILL AUGUST 11, 2017 Read in The New York Times. Could a pioneering art show for dogs — supposedly organized by a dog — be called anything other than Dogumenta? The idea came from the art critic Jessica Dawson, whose rescue dog, Rocky, often accompanies her on trips to galleries. “I was surprised to see that Rocky…Read More

February 11, 2016 Events

Dana Sherwood to speak at the NeueHouse

In Conversation: Mark Dion & Dana Sherwood Friday, February 19th from 6:45-8pm NeueHouse Madison Square  |  110 East 25th Street Mark Dion and Dana Sherwood are both artists who work around issue of the culture of nature. While each have an independent practice, they also collaborate with each other. This talk, organized in partnership with Gladstone Gallery, will highlight their global practice featuring works across four continents, with Dion speaking about works like “The Wonder Workshop”, produced during the most…Read More

February 02, 2016 Press

Dana Sherwood in Hyperallergic

“An Artist Serves Up Decadent Feasts for Wild Animals” by Allison Meier, February 1, 2016 Read on Hyperallergic Over the past few years, New York-based artist Dana Sherwood has organized a picnic for wild baboons on the South African coast, left banquets for raccoons in the suburbs of South Florida, and concocted a molded terrine of jellied spam, beef, hot dogs, and marrow bones for coyotes. Most recently, she made elaborate confections of meat, fish, and local produce for ocelots,…Read More

February 01, 2016 Press

Dana Sherwood interviewed by SciArt in America

STRAIGHT TALK with Dana Sherwood View PDF of article. Dana Sherwood is a New York–based artist who blurs the line between the domestic and the wild through her mixed media and documentary art. Concerned with “the semiotics of desire and melancholia present at the intersection of the two worlds,” Sherwood’s work explores novel ideas such as what it means, and what it looks like, to create a picnic basket for South African baboons. Sherwood has exhibited internationally including at New York’s Marianne Boesky Gallery, Mixed Greens Gallery, Socrates Sculpture Park, and Flux Factory as…Read More

January 21, 2016 Press

Dana Sherwood in Art Observed

NEW YORK – DANA SHERWOOD: “CROSSING THE WILD LINE” AT DENNY GALLERY THROUGH FEBRUARY 21ST, 2016 By J. Holburn, January 20th, 2016 Read on Art Observed Dana Sherwood’s conceptual focus is the Anthropocene, a contentious term which in essence describes our present and future epoch, framed by the destabilization of nature as impacted by human activity on earth. With a practice that spans drawing, video, and sculptural installations, her work intervenes to engage local wildlife and open up a realm…Read More

January 19, 2016 Press

Dana Sherwood in Sunday Styles

January 14, 2016 Press

Dana Sherwood in DNAinfo

New LES Art Exhibit Re-Examines ‘Nature’ in Human-Shaped World By Savannah Cox, January 13, 2016 Read on DNAinfo. From hanging out in the Mets’ weight room to “invading” the backyards of South Park Sloperesidents, raccoons have been getting a lot of press lately. Many consider the increased presence of these charcoal-eyed creatures to be an annoyance, but Washington Heights artist Dana Sherwood views them as signs of something else: the Anthropocene. The term refers to the era that some scientists…Read More

January 12, 2016 Press

Dana Sherwood in the New York Times

“Art Made by Tempting Animals” by Kat Herriman New York Times, January 12, 2016   At the artist Dana Sherwood’s apartment on the Upper West Side, her dog, Hera, answers the door, tail wagging. A lifelong equestrian who now competes in dressage, Sherwood is used to collaborating with animals — and connects with them on a fundamental level. “Dressage is all about understanding a horse through the feel of your body; it’s like inventing another language,” says Sherwood. “What I’m…Read More

January 08, 2016 Press

Dana Sherwood in Food & Wine

The Artist Who Lured an Ocelot to Dinner by Rachel Corbett Food & Wine, January 7, 2016 Dana Sherwood creates sculpture-like meals to entice wild animals, then illustrates her dinner guests. A few months ago, Dana Sherwood went shopping for a dinner party. On her list were pigs’ tails, a three-foot ox liver, a whole chicken and mangoes. She spent a week preparing an al fresco feast including carne de sol and traditional Brazilian street meats. Then, on the appointed…Read More

January 06, 2016 Press

Dana Sherwood in Art F City’s Must-See Art Events

Read on Art F City This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Gallery Armageddon By Paddy Johnson, Michael Anthony Farley, Rea McNamara on January 4, 2016 Those who thought they’d ease into the work week after the holiday break will be sorely disappointed. Nearly every gallery in the city has an opening. Between the Abrons Art Center’s American Realness Festival opening this week and a rash of Chelsea and Lower East Side shows, your calendar will be full. And not just with…Read More

Dana Sherwood
Sight Equus Mongolia (Excerpt)
Dana Sherwood
Feral Cakes (Excerpt)
Dana Sherwood
The Wild and the Tame


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